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Yeah but going there illegally may not be part of what makes America great. There are aliens who did it legally. This admin is just enforcing the laws as it should be. Shouldn't we all be happy that that is the case? Dreamers can stay if they legally abide to the rules of law.

That's the same for any country. US just happens to have a new President who wants to do what's right.

Philip very true, but that doesn't change the fact that Trump has used racism as a platform to enact immigration reform. Illegal aliens need to be dealt with but the fact is that many of them are contributing members of our society. They look after our kids, pick produce, and do other jobs that Americans wouldn't even consider doing. On top of that they aren't eligible for Medicaid, any other government assistance programs. We need to revamp our immigration system, but using fear mongering as the vehicle to achieve it is wrong.