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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Populism Rising

"A picture is worth a thousand words". A commonly used phrase that often under delivers, but not in the case of the famo

"A picture is worth a thousand words". A commonly used phrase that often under delivers, but not in the case of the famous photo emerging out of the G7 meetings earlier this week. Never before has a single image summed up the broader global political landscape in such detail.

If we take the faces off of these world leaders and replace them with the ideas that these individuals represent we see the global political shift and on going war on full display. On one side of the table we see fear, anger, and disdain. We see people who feel threatened and pessimistic. On the other side we see confidence and imperviousness juxtaposed on the faces of Donald Trump and Shinzo Abe. We see an idea that knows it is winning the war for the global consciousness. We see the face of someone who's saying "I know something you don't".

Going deeper we see a failing global order trying to maintain its relevance and power by assuming dominance over the "misguided new kids" who threaten the status quo and who could bring down the corrupt globalist mechanism that has ruled for the past 60 years. But the "new kids" are not intimidated. The new kids know the people. From Brexit, to Trump, to the 5Star Movement in Italy, Right Wing Populism is rising. It's a force the Globalist cannot control. They've lobbied billions of dollars, funded media driven political assassinations, and even begged the people to change course. All to no avail. They are backed into a corner and trying to bully their way out.

With Trump and the United States as the world symbol and global figureheads of this new order, the Soros funded Merkelonian Cult is faced with an even greater challenge than they ever anticipated. Previously, while other Globalists held the position of US President the Europeans shifted military dominance over to the United States in order to save themselves the expense. They gutted their military's and relinquished the responsibility of protecting their borders to a foreign ally. A bargaining chip US President Donald Trump is well aware of. They're left with few options, bring down Trump, capitulate, or face the eastern world on their own.

As Populism continues to rise across Eastern and Southern Europe a new global alliance will form. An alliance between the new Nationalist Populist governments of Europe and the government of The United States, leaving the European Union and the Globalist governments of Western Europe on their own. Combine this with Trump's focus on alliance building in Asia and the future looks much darker for the Globalist coalition headed by Merkel and Macron. This is The Globalists last stand. This is their final attempt to bully their opposition back into the status quo, and Trump and Abe do not look impressed..

-Tom Binnz



Good analysis Tom. The strategy the old order is employing is to discredit Conservative thought and protection of borders and label it "Far Right" thereby delegitimizing those views. They also use words like "Nationalist," and from there go to "Xenophobia​." One note though- The UK has not given up its military and continues to pay it's dues to NATO. Interestingly, Brexit and anti-Brexit is where the old order and new order that you decscrib​e being played out as well.


I've seen all the different versions of the same shots Tom, from different angles. Not all of it looked dreary, in one of them, they were all smiling even Merkel and Trump.


Very well written article. Globalism is on a losing streak. They will do what they can to discredit the extraordinary advancements, both geopolitically and economically, under this current administration


Yeah, the rise of populism and American isolationism worked out real well in the past. Before you get too high on populism remember that half of everyone is below average. Here in the US, where educational standards and practices are constantly degraded, it's probably worse than that when compared to other developed nations. This seems like it could be the beginning of a path leading to a dark place. Nationalism isn't necessarily equal to xenophobia but if you read data from SPLC, and consider groups like AFD and Front Nacional it's hard to deny that the toleration of xenophobia at least is gaining ground, if not xenophobia itself. If you really think it's the right thing to encourage this type of politics then by all means vote your conscience, but make sure you vote your CONSCIENCE; not your political aims. A just nation is ruled by principle, not ideology and it's a lot harder to put the toothpaste back in the tube than it is to get it out.

All trade treaties should have a sunset clause because what the proponents of these treaties from decades ago found right may not necessarily be up to date for today at all. Trump could be rude to his G7 counterparts but he could at least be right about NAFTA concerns with particular member Canada. Although saying that they'd have a special place in hell while his predecessors have co-opted for the same NAFTA of 1994 unchanged well could be the same damnation for them too