I'm not speaking for @Philip Carino, but I would venture to guess the perjury would have to do with whether or not they were ever paid by the Trump campaign. Personally I think the difference between "paid" and "reimbursed" is semantics, but then again so is far too much of the law.


They had knowledge of a reimbursement but denied they've been provided funds from Trump campaign. Defend semantics all you want but that's clear as day.

The actual knowledge of reimbursement? They have repeatedly denied while on oath that they have ANY knowledge of reimbursements or payments from Trump's campaign team that were provided to them but then lo and behold they were slapped by the very fact from FEC itself. They even called the FEC filing fake news. Sadly. We can argue about semantics all day but can you truly tell yourself that they were not paid any form of money when a document tells you otherwise?

They feel like they didn't get any payment because they paid for the flights first and were just reimbursed later on (money returned to them of course) but then the documents tell us NO we don't care about your feelings hahahaha