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Facebook Asks: Is Pedophilia Okay?

Welcome to the 44th Episode of the "Let's Talk Headlines" Series!

Hello Everyone, welcome back to another episode of the "Let's Talk Headlines" series. In today's episode we look at Angela Rye's comment about the NRA being "in God's way." We also chat about Facebook's bizarre poll that asked it's users if they thought it was okay for a grown man to ask a young child for sexual photographs of themselves.... WHAT THE??! SMH... Let me know in the comments what you think about the topics we discuss!

Feel better, I too have been out of commission for a while myself.


Hope you get better too, man. The days off have been nice and all, but I just want to get back to 100% haha


What kind of rebuttal is that going around in circles. They need more figureheads and analysts who can do rebuttals in a more intelligent manner. There's no discussion flowing out of her mouth, they just want NRA to stop existing which is something probably never happening. We must set aside differences and work together, not shut each other out.


This is a Liberal thing, Phil. Only their view is allowed or morally right. This kind of thing has gone on for a long time.


The complete abhorrence towards intellectual honesty and open dialogue I see coming from the left really shows me that they care more about their agenda, lowering or restricting gun owners, than thoughtfully coming up with solutions that actually help with the issue at hand!