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Gun Control: The Line Between Liberty and Security

In the wake of yet another school shooting we ask an important question... Do we give up our liberty for more security?

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to the 42nd episode of the "Let's Talk Headlines" series. Today we talk about gun control and the event in Florida that redirected our attention to this topic. What are your thoughts on gun control? Should there be an assault rifle ban? Should handguns be banned as well? Should the only people allowed to bear arms be Police, Military, and people who protect celebrities and politicians? Or do civilians have an innate Constitutional right to keep and bear arms?

Enjoy the episode!

Good podcast J! This is such an emotional issue that has so many components- It's easy to get wrapped up in the emotion. Thanks for an objective view.


Well said J!


Security is the best argument and more guns with permissive control laws hasn't stopped the mass shootings from happening.