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Yes Patriot, monetization is a word and it's real! And it's not just the conservatives doing it. Everyone regardless of political spectrum does it. As long as Youtube remains open to ALL then I am happy. It is a global phenomenon and it shouldn't take sides because it's literally too big, it's a monopoly.


My god, can't antitrust bodies do something about it? No other entity can boast of a decent competition to Youtube and if they do this, it would be suppression of freedom!

Can't antitrust bodies do something about this obvious abuse of monopoly power by Youtube?

Agreed! Gross overstepping of power. I'm sure there are other political viewpoints that are being suppressed, but it is most obvious in the Conservative community on YouTube. Casey Neistat did a great video discussing it (many other big content creators have as well)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPjOQTOkK4Q

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