John Kasich displays a moral misread of American politics

John Kasich calls for a resurgence in morality in politics, while being interviewed by Kasie Hunt of MSNB.

Is the morality of elected officials our best indicator of good political policy? John Kasich weighs in on the state of American politics, and produces abysmal conclusions. It is always fascinating to watch the thought process of an out-of-touch establishment politician. Enjoy the Podcast!

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Very much agree. It is also unrealistic to expect esteemed moral character in our elected officials. An essential tenet of Conservatism is skepticism of government, and by extension, its politicians.

The Democratic Party is becoming a leftist party. Donald Trump and the Republicans (imperfect as they may be) are the only forces that are keeping us from becoming Canada or Germany. To be more dramatic, a victorious Democratic Party will fundamentally change the United States, which will have been the last stand of Western Civilization. Keeping this perspective, are we going to continue to elect a Democrat over a privately flawed Republican? Conservatives who say yes are morally confused. Thank you for listening!


Nice podcast! While listening, it also gave me ideas on how to weigh in the candidates that I should elect. Thank you and welcome to Political Storm!