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The Religious Fervor of Leftists

There's something going on with Leftist ideology. It's become more of a religion for the non-religious.

Leftist ideology has become its own religion and postmodernism and critical theory are its creeds. This video details the religious aspects of Leftist ideology. The next video will focus on its tenets of faith.


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Yes, for some government has replaced the church too.


It goes for some Trump supporters as well.

The major difference is that conservatives/classical liberals/libertarians don’t have power in the culture... which consists of 1) media 2) academia. And politics is downstream from culture.

This new “religion” of postmodernism and critical theory is incubated in academia, then sent out into other areas in life. Conservatives/classical liberals/libertarians need to fight outside and inside these institutions.


The new generation already have new gods and it's among us, tech everywhere and hollywood.


As a Christian myself, I look back on the 90’s and early 2000’s and cringe when I see Promise Rings. If you aren’t familiar, these were rings that publicly displayed the ring bearer that they were waiting to have sex before marriage.

I still believe in that but you shouldn’t be displaying your virtue like that.

Displaying you’re “woke” is the new secular promise ring although this ring affects policy by writing social constructionism into laws (ie Canada).