The Underreported Opinions of Kyle Kashuv

If you have not heard of Kyle Kashuv or his opinions on gun control, then you are being propagandized to...

The opinions and experiences of Kyle Kashuv have not gotten the same amount of air time as many of the survivors from the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting. Why is that, you think? Why is a contrarian opinion on the remedies of this mass shooting so hard to find? Is it because everyone is in agreement? Or is the media selective in what they publish?

This video is longer than usual, but it is shorter than the combined coverage of the David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Cameron Kaskey. Remember, Cameron Kaskey said that because they all went through and survived a mass shooting, this makes them experts on the subject. Well, Kyle Kashuv, a fellow survivor of the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, is now an expert too. We need to pay attention to his expertise as well.


Shout out to Steven Crowder over a Louder with Crowder for the clips with Kyle. I would have used other sources, but they are few and far between. Almost as if it's one purpose!

#292 TRUMP BETRAYS ON GUN RIGHTS?! Jordan Peterson and Kyle Kashuv | Louder With Crowder


I'm on the fence with Crowder. Sometimes he hits it on the head, other times I feel he is purely an agitator. You make solid points in this piece. What I find interesting is a lot of what I've seen from the other kids has been similar tho. Common sense gun laws that reflect bi partisan ship. Yes, the media has drawn this out and seems to pull at the threads leading these kids to move toward bans, but I think that's about 20% of what they say vs the 80% that is in agreement with what this young man says. The real issue is a media system set up to push agendas unfortunately.


The only thing is “common sense” anything doesn’t exist. It’s a political term for “I don’t have a cogent answer that won’t be attacked”


It's a selective, bias media all the way regardless of political affiliation. If we can help create more Political Storms in a world full of Fox and CNN or MSNBC, the better off we'll all be!


Right, but my point is that Common Sense isn’t an argument. It’s barely even a phrase. It’s the “World Peace” of politics.