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Two Ways to Lower the Chances of Another School Shooting | MobileCast Ep. 3

What can we do to lower the chances of another school shooting? Check out my suggestions.

Hello folks. Welcome to episode 3 of the MobileCast Series. Unfortunately there was another school shooting. Today I explore some options that may lower the chances of another school shooting. Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think! .


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So you provide the same suggestions as the lt. gov who made a statement over the weekend. Infrastructure is cool though but don't exits serve another purpose for easy massive evacuation say in times of natural or man made disasters? I find the penalty for unsafe firearms storage more plausible. Parents should be more responsible


Great Post J, A lot of this is preventable if normal gun safety would prevent a lot of these incidents. You have a right to a gun but you have an equal obligation to be responsible. How are these kids getting guns from their parents if they're safely secured? And- we need to intervene when we see kids who are obviously not mentally sound. How many people saw this kid walking around every day -in a trench coat in the Texas heat? I like hearing your thoughts while you're driving- interesting approach, but for God's sake-be careful as well as objective, Man!


haha thanks, Jon! You're right, I gotta keep my eyes and mind on the road! But you are absolutely right about the obligation to be responsible with gun storage and safety. We have to always remember it is impossibly to legislate morality! What we can do is use a common sense approach in dealing with these complex issues without infringing on the rights of the American people.


Well said!