This is really interesting. I think there are extremists on both sides of the gun debate, but there are also a lot of people in the middle, people who believe that it's possible to allow responsible gun owners access to guns, and still make it more difficult for irresponsible gun owners and criminals to access them. I think you describe this really well @ThreePatriots when you say the pro-gun crows doesn't want to "give an inch". Do you think that by maintaining such a hard line and refusing to compromise that maybe some of the pro-gun second amendment advocates are actually alienating people in the middle? And maybe even pushing those who want less gun violence towards more extreme measures like repealing the second amendment?

Good questions @A_Chapman My personal opinion, and I'm sure there are many in the firearms community, is that there are some measures that could be beneficial towards shoring up the shortcomings of the system that is in place. Specifically, there are bipartisan support for the Fix NICS bill that passed with the budget bill last week. However, there are instances like Justice Stevens and others like this protester from the "March for Our Lives" event that seem to show what the eventual goal of those individuals are who are not on the side of the 2nd Amendment.

There are many proposals for new legislation out in various states as well as in Congress, but unfortunately, none of them will ever stop gun murders, including an all out ban on firearms. What I am afraid of is, let's say an (for lack of a better term) Assault Weapons Ban is re-instated. What happens when after that ban is enacted, there is a big mass shooting on the likes of Columbine where no "Assault Weapons" are used. The next march will be to ban handguns. Then long rifles and shotguns. There will never be an end to the call to ban, confiscate, turn in, etc., any weapon of mass chaos until there are no more guns in America and the 2nd Amendment is non-existent. Is that a stretch? Likely, but it is a reality that can't be easily removed from the minds of those who fight for all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, from the 1st to the 27th.