We're a crime fighting, reptilian slaying team dedicated to fighting evil, ignorance, oppression , injustice and various other crimes against humanity. Our mission is to charter unexplored territory and spread knowledge, enlightenment, harmony, peace, personal empowerment, laughter, love and truth. We broadcast a RADIO SHOW and run an online store. The radio show is a weekly broadcast devoted to expressing non-conformist views on all topics including natural health, vaccines, GMO's, chemtrails, eugenics, agenda 21, MK Ultra, science myths, Politics much more.. and of course peace, love, and truth. THE ONLINE STORE sells products that encompass ideologies of sharing knowledge about the serious issues we are facing in today's society. Each product that we sell will have a story attached to it. Our goal is to share our truth and make the world a better place. Peace, truth & love, TrutherTalk


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