Rick2018 you’re exactly the type of liberal I despise of your hatred stinks. Like a typical liberal you probably hate your own country. 65 mil people, 30 states and 2600 counties voted for trump because he had a real message something your candidate had no clue. So do your self some good and stop the hate and quit blaming your loss on everything else but that you had a horrible corrupt candidate that could not connect with the people

Rufy55 you sound like a reasonable liberal of which I have no problem with the individual were talking isn't reasonable he a hater and a intolerable name caller just reading his post of vile comments doesnt deserve respect he can voice his opinion of course but not be insulting I wish more liberals would be like you


Most of the country just wants the right thing. Constructive / Destructive are better terms for people's political inclinations.

By "connecting" I assume you mean by grabbing underage women by the pussy, talking about fucking his own daughter and paying prostitutes to piss on each other?


The problem with this country is the sheer number of people who put their party, their ideology and their religious beliefs, over their country.

Yeah, those 2600 counties are sparsely populated rural areas, flyover country. The vast majority of the US population resides in the metropolitan areas.