Trump Pastor: Without Evangelicals, America Would Be An Immoral Nation

Pastor Robert Jeffress said liberals dream of an immoral society.

One of President Donald Trump's spiritual advisers told FOX Business Network’s Lou Dobbs that conservative Christians are the only thing keeping the U.S. a morally-sound nation.

And Pastor Robert Jeffress is thankful to the president for helping evangelicals thwart liberals' evil plans for the America.

It’s always open season on conservative Christians by the media. But let me tell you what’s going on here, Lou. The reason this is happening is: Liberals know that conservative Christians are the last speed bump on the road to the godless, immoral society that liberals dream of, and that is exactly why they are attacking them…

This is a new day in America, I believe, Lou. And we thank President Trump for creating a new atmosphere where people feel emboldened to share their faith.

Watch the interview above.

thereallizard....I don

First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States which reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..."

None of Our Founding Fathers were "evangelical"!!!!!!

TheRealLizard, I am not a believer either, but if more Christians shared Gary’s belief system, we would be much better off. My primary issue is with those who wish to use their religion to control others. Gary appears to use his religious teachings to become a better person and do good in the world. Save your breath for those who want to take away our freedoms, not for those like Gary, who appears to be a Christian ally.


Oh I know. It's awful the way they'll gladly ignore bigotry, profanity, cheating on your spouse and adultery as long as the person involved supports their agenda, all while turning a blind eye to poverty and hung.....Oh. Wait.

Speed Bump? Evangelicals are the modern-day equivalent of the very same moneychangers Jesus chased from the Temple with a whip.

Jeffress, evangelicals aren't even a freaking rumblestrip. After your sect's shameless support of Roy Moore, you'll be lucky if your sect is a pothole on the Highway of Life in the next few years. Think you're being "persecuted" now? Just wait until America regains its sanity and helps Christ run you back out of the Temple.