A Former Senior Aide To Ron Paul Wrote This

Eric Dondero was a Senior Aide to Ron Paul from 1997-2003. He has an extensive political biography on the right.

Eric Dondero is the founder of the Republican Liberty Caucus, co-Founder of "Libertarians for Bush" in 2004 and "Draft Sarah Palin for VP" in 2008. Dondero is a former Libertarian Party National Committeeman, served as travel aide to Ron Paul during his 1987-88 campaign for President, organizer of Draft Ron Paul for President in 1991-92, congressional campaign coordination in 1995 and was Senior Aide to Paul from 1997-2003. He currently works as a petition consultant.

He's a pedophile.

The difference between real damage and perceived damage. The fact that he cannot see it says so much about him.