Aide To Sessions Sought Damaging Info On Comey Before His Firing

Ryan J. Reilly/Flickr

According to the New York Times, Sessions wanted to see negative articles about Comey running in the media.

Following former FBI Director James Comey's testimony before Congress, during which he refused to confirm or deny whether the president was under investigation, an aide to Attorney General Jeff Sessions went to Capitol Hill in search of dirt on Comey.

Two days after Mr. Comey’s testimony, an aide to Mr. Sessions approached a Capitol Hill staff member asking whether the staffer had any derogatory information about the F.B.I. director. The attorney general wanted one negative article a day in the news media about Mr. Comey, according to a person with knowledge of the meeting.

The Department of Justice denies this episode happened:

A Justice Department spokeswoman said the episode did not occur. “This did not happen and would not happen,” said the spokeswoman, Sarah Isgur Flores. “Plain and simple.”