In my opinion, every act of corruption going back to Trump's first days in office when he signed some 20 or 30 Executive Orders without the least knowledge of the consequences... he has been sinning. I consider every act of corruption a "sin." He may not know about the afterlife and, therefore, doesn't care... but he will one day. If you add up every time he has told a lie... some 2,410 times during his first year in office, each one of those is a sin. And there are "sins" he is committing outside the knowledge of the American people. There's something between Putin and Trump that no one knows about. In my opinion, it involves Donald Trump and money laundering, and/or a loan of money either from the Kremlin (the Russian govt headed by Putin) or a Russian oligarch or a Russian bank, and probably about $200 million -- which is Trump's net worth. There's a whole story there that we have yet to hear.

that's great, it's a sin, the reality is that everyone "sins" all the time according to most religions. Calling him or his scumbag administration a bunch of sinners isn't going to remove him or them from office and that's what needs to happen before our democracy becomes a dictatorship! Vote them out!