Noam Chomsky: Today's Republican Party Could Be Most Dangerous Organization in Human History

In interview with Democracy Now, Noam Chomsky asserts that today's Republican Party could be the most dangerous organization in human history.

In an interview with Democracy Now, Noam Chomsky asserts that today's Republican Party could be the most dangerous organization in human history.

“Has there ever been an organisation in human history that is dedicated, with such commitment, to the destruction of organised human life on Earth?” he asked the audience at a Democracy Now! event.

“Not that I’m aware of. Is the Republican organisation - I hesitate to call it a party - committed to that? Overwhelmingly. There isn’t even any question about it.”

“So there’s the whole world on one side, literally, at least trying to do something or other, not enough maybe, although some places are going pretty far, like Denmark, couple of others; and on the other side, in splendid isolation, is the country led by the most dangerous organisation in human history, which is saying, ‘We’re not part of this. In fact, we’re going to try to undermine it.’

"We’re going to maximise the use of fossil fuels - could carry us past the tipping point. We’re not going to provide funding for - as committed in Paris, to developing countries that are trying to do something about the climate problems. We’re going to dismantle regulations that retard the impact, the devastating impact, of production of carbon dioxide and, in fact, other dangerous gases - methane, others."

Before everything being made in China, everything was made in Japan. I distinctly remember because my father who was aboard the USS Tennessee at Pearl Harbor saw a pilot of one of the Japanese bombers shake his fist at the carnage below. So Dad said nothing made in Japan.... Mom said these things are made in Japan, but let's not tell Dad because American made things were like 4 x higher! P.S. -- The first car I bought on my own? A Datsun. A car dealer showed it to me, and I liked it. Dad sort of reacted when I got home with it, but he never said anything specifically to me about it.

Has there ever been a doctorate linguist in human history who is dedicated, with such commitment, to hyperbole?

More dangerous than Stalin's regime, or Mao's, or Hitler's, or Pol Pot's? Really, Noam?

Industry has proven itself to be unreliable at regulating itself - from the Industrial Age in America. An EPA would not have been necessary if industry leaders had. No one wants the next power plant in their backyard, but if you're volunteering, we can get word to the White House (no complaining when your kids get leukemia). Again, what's wrong with clean energy? Why do you ignore the most knowledgeable people on the planet when they are sounding the alarm? Do you shut your eyes and eyes to reports of poisoned land and water? Will you pay the ultimate price for defending that position? Because you, and people like you, aren't going to speak for me and my loved ones. #ItsTime for the Awakening. If you're not part of the solution, stand aside and let the warriors do the work.

I agree with what you are saying to the extent that it becomes harder for manufacturing to meet ever tougher standards and impacts profitability. The push for tighter standards must be accompanied by investment in infrastructure by Federal and State Government. Rolling back the EPA rules on coal and pollution isn't a long term solution, it is a very short-sighted one. Government should be investing billions in clean energy solutions and finding ways to help established industries modernize.

Do you think hyperbole might be necessary for some folks to actually open their effing eyes?