Police Called After Treasury Sec. Receives Manure In The Mail


The LAPD bomb squad found feces rather than explosives inside the package left for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.

Los Angeles police were called to the home of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Saturday evening after a neighbor discovered a Christmas package sitting at the end of the secretary's driveway.

According to New York Daily News, LAPD found a harmless but foul-smelling gift inside the festively wrapped box:

The bomb squad opened the gift-wrapped surprise and found a “pretty good quantity” of horse manure inside, LAPD Sgt. Briggs said.

Local authorities wrapped up their investigation at the Bel-Air home a short time later and Briggs said the Secret Service would be picking up the box of feces on Sunday.

Excuse my English but Mnuchin is a snake, and a weasel, and a little bitch. The trifecta of......idk, but it's not good.

In agreeing with Orlando - Ortiz, he's much more than that. I lost 7,8 million dollars and payback profits I earned, $340,000.00 in Bernie
Madoffs ponzi fiasco. And this piece of SHIT AND HIS BROTHER takes the money that his dead mother makes from Madoffs scam and pockets 3.5 million, because our Federal Court just gave up. Wonder if influence from Goldman Sachs had anything to do with it. Mnuchin is a Piece of Shit.

And speaking of Goldman Sachs, see any of those Weasels giving a helping hand to any around New York city, no... I didn't think so. Merry Christmas