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Rudy Giuliani’s Shocking New Defense: Conspiring With Russia Isn’t Illegal!

Screengrab / CNN / YouTube

Conspiring with a foreign adversary during a presidential campaign to sabotage one's opponent is just "what you do".

Rudy Giuliani has moved from "there was no collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia to "even if there was, it wasn't illegal" in his defence of President Donald Trump, adding that if campaign officials had been able to score dirt on Hillary Clinton, they would have used it.

Giuliani also said “it doesn’t matter” if information on one’s opponent comes from “a Russian, a German, or an American”.

According to CNN, Michael Carvin, a GOP campaign law expert who is representing the Trump campaign in the lawsuit brought by the Democratic National Committee against Trump and several Russian and campaign affiliates, has floated a similar theory. Carvin apparently argued that even if there had been discussion between Russia and the Trump campaign to change the party's platform and influence voters to oppose Hillary Clinton, "That conspiracy is not about an unlawful act. That's all quite legal. It's called democracy."

Defenders of the president seem to be arguing that a presidential candidate conspiring with a foreign adversary to subvert their opponent’s campaign is not criminal – it’s simply the how the game is played.

Richard Nixon famously said, "If the president does it, it's not illegal." It appears that Trump is taking that concept to a whole other level, especially when you consider he wasn't president when this stuff was happening: "If the right presidential candidate does it, it is positively virtuous."

the fraud is a criminal & always has been! He has been taking away with crap that most people would have to do time for-TRUMP U was grand larceny

Giuliani is determined to prove that he is demented too-trump
will throw him under the bus too-he already lost his law firm job!

Excellent comment!

This is pretty stunning, to me. If a Democrat had done this there would be cries of "Lock her up". Oh wait, there were cries of "Lock her up" and she had done NOTHING wrong. Deflection. Trump knows Republicans run toward the stupid, misogynistic and hyper religious side of life. He used that and he used them because when you get that religious it is usually to justify your hatred toward an innocent you just don't like.

There still are cries of "Lock her up" because fucking rightwingers and braindead fundies think someone should be locked up just because they don't like them.

She didn't do this crime. Trump did. LOCK HIM UP. Or, at least, fire him.

.... and if the result of the entire election was the result of criminal acts, Pence and ANYONE ELSE TRUMP HAS CHOSEN OR APPOINTED, IS FRUIT OF THE POISONOUS TREE. They ALL go. The results of the election are overturned.

Unless someone is willing to do this, our elections will just become even more, entire shams and the best and most that any of us will be able to hope for is that our side can cheat, manipulate and threaten better than the other side.

This is now about whether we will ever be able to believe in our system again, EVER, even a little or whether "morality" is just a good Scrabble word that uses all your letters....

Look at Giuliani’s eyes in the photo--he looks insane. That aside, I still find it hard to believe that intelligent Americans elected an arrogant, angry, paranoid narcissist, pathological liar, man-child who will stop at nothing to cover up his wrongdoings; a man who surrounds himself with mafia types and who has brought nothing but chaos to the WH and the lives of everyone. His lack of experience is glaring and his intellect for the job is seriously lacking; even a professor at Wharton said Trump was his "dumbest" student. Trump gets through life bullying and manipulating. He has disgraced the presidency and the country.