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Scott Adams, the creator of the Dilbert comics, describes Trump's ability to win support despite lacking in the "facts" category. Thoughts?

Trump can be charming, but it's a diabolical charm. A writer said of Roy Cohn, a mentor of Trump (who Trump later abandoned):

You saw Roy Cohn testify, you saw that face, star of the magazine covers. I suggest to you that when you looked at that face, you were looking at the face of very real evil.

"Evil can be charming. If evil always came in a disgusting guise it would easy to recognize, it wouldn't be a much of a threat, would it? Evil can be witty, nothing saying that evil people are dumb. Evil can be cool, particularly when it marshals itself, when it's vital interests are at stake. The face of evil can be quick and sharp, and can be smarter than any lawyer Richard Dupont can get.

"But the face of evil is a face of... evil."


thank you for the share @lbrindley. I have seen Scott Adam's pro-Trump views on Twitter. for someone who seems self-aware, I had hard time processing his love of Trump.

I agree, @YossarianJohnson. Though, that's why I find this piece especially interesting. He can see Trump's rise to power from the perspectives of both Trumpians and rational voters, and he manages to explain Trump's rise to power in a way that rational people such as us can understand. Moreover, we can use this piece to understand why crazy people like Trump have appeal and we can use this to combat them in future elections.


I agree with you @lbrindley. Thank you for sharing this. I look forward to other content that you share on our new platform.

@JohnZambis, I do not think that calling Trump evil sheds any new light on the subject. In fact, it does not bring up anything that we have not all heard hundreds of times before. This piece simply brings up how Trump's rhetoric is vague and can promote pretty much any agenda if interpreted a certain way. A "wall" can mean something different to each individual, and he brings it up because talking about "border control policies" is not as exciting to talk about at rallies.