Trump is Satan, and all you "faithful" followers were the same ones calling Obama the "Anti-Christ". Well now you have a real Anti-Christ, enjoy WW III.


Hey Fabricio, before you poke fun at other people's spelling, maybe you should check your own. It's delusional, not delucional. It's majority, not mayority. It's checked, not cheked. Imbeciles, not imbecils. So, why don't you sit down and shut up. The adults are talking. And yes, we do out number you. Satan is a myth, it's your hell, you burn it.
No one paid me a single red penny to school you. I'm happy to do it for free. I'm also happy to hate Trump for free as well, it's called being a free thinker not a brain washed ignorant. I hated him before he ran, I hated him when he was running the pageants. He's a disgusting individual and no amount of money can change that.


Fabio wannabee "Fabricio", tell your Russian Trollmaster that you need to go through English Language spelling class again, otherwise your Russian Troll job will continue to be exposed.

Oh great, now the Russians are getting into the Yo Mama jokes. Wait. Erc IS a yo mama joke.

Here's another Russian joke. You need to go back to English school to relearn grammar and spelling. Here's a tip - when you're telling someone that they can't spell, make sure to spell check your own post. (delucional, mayority, cheked, Imbecils - just the spelling errors, never mind the grammar issues)