(Video) Trump Voter Shocked To Learn That Trump Intends To Shred Their Social Safety Net

In October, CNN did a special on two Ohio women who intended to vote for President Donald Trump instead of Sec. Hillary Clinton because in the words of one of them, Mrs. Clinton was “conniving“.

Sixth months later, one of the women, Krista Shockey, is shocked to learn that the President intends to make massive cuts to Social Security disability and food stamps, two government programs that she depends on to survive.

It’s my only income. I couldn’t live. There’s no way I could go back to work. I’ve got a lot of problems. I’m crippled in my feet, knees, back, hands,” said Ms. Shockey.

CNN Money also followed up on Trump supporters in America’s “poorest town”, Beattyville, Kentucky. Beattyville has received a lot of media attention due to its endemic poverty that seems to symbolize the hopeless of American’ rust belt.

In 2016, Beattyville voted overwhelmingly for the President.

One of its residents, Barbara Puckett, has been on Social Security disability since the 1990’s due to multiple sclerosis. When asked how she felt about Mr. Trump’s supposed cuts, “I am still happy with President Trump.”

The President’s budget calls for $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid over the next decade, a 21% budget reduction for the USDA (they administer SNAP), and $70 Billion from SSDI over the next decade among other draconian cuts as well.

Oh c'mon, you didn't vote for Obama simply because he's black. Hope you feel better for voting for Trump because he's white while he and the Republicans do their best to end social programs enacted by Democrats that you depend on. You deserve the reaming you're going to get.

She says an Obama Administration program saved her home but she wouldn't vote for him. Go figure. Guess ditching blind bigotry is a near impossibility for these folks.

these have got to be the stupidest women on the planet they cut their own noses to spite their face they are racist and sexist and don't want to see minorities and women succeed and yet they don't know where their next meal will come from they have benefited from democrats and yet voted for this trainwreck they deserve every bad thing that trump does and I don't feel sorry for them in the least

I really do feel sorry for these people. They have no education, religion that causes nothing nothing but fear. There are no jobs. Now most people look down on them. You don't realize that this is generation after generation of inbreeding. People having to quit school at 16 to help the household. What they don't realize is that it is going to get much, much worse. Many of these people are going to die as a result of the evil of 45. Don't criticize them until you walk a mile in their shoes. And, if you are not a millionaire, you may be in trouble too.

1) Stupidity is a choice and these people just prove that.