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The Failure of our country was baked into Constitution. There were not supposed to be parties or special interests. The senate was designed by James Madison to be a filter of house passions by a disinterested elite. Democracy was understood to only work for very small populations and is not mentioned in the Constitution. At the convention popular vote for president was rejected unanimously by the States at least one time. The Constitution contains inspiring language which is not understood by either the public or the courts. The problem with the constitution is its organizational structure. It contains two signs. First is to organize into parties and the two largest are to struggle to impose their version of utopia on the country. The second is a for sale sign. As the federal government has grown there is more to purchase. Can this be reversed or is collapse inevitable?

I am not sure. The country is constitutionally illiterate and people receive their news from sources with ulterior motives. I think if we were to 'democratize' the U.S. it would run into massive resistance.


I'm not sure if there is still hope, but it IS possible to amend the constitution. Every generation before us has added amendments, why are we lagging behind? It's not a perfect document, it needs to change and grow with the times and that responsibility falls on the people. If we fail, in the end I don't think we can really blame James Madison, we can only blame ourselves. There are efforts under way to get money out of politics through a constitutional amendment.

As for breaking the two-party monopoly... there seems little hope of that! @JohnZambis is right, people are pretty uneducated, especially on politics. The failure of the UK referendum on the alternative vote says it all.